Empower Yourself 

Find your inner strength and nourish your mind, body and spirit during this 4 day retreat in the Black Hills, South Dakota. 

Hosted by Mindset & Manifestation Expert, Sausha Davis and

Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Energy Healer Jordan Wavra 



Dive deep and restore your energy flow by reconnecting to your inner self. 


Indulge in self-nourishment through holistic nutrition and intentional movement.


Cleanse and clear your spirit through connecting with the Earth and like minded women. 

"You ladies have literally changed my life!"

- Denise V. 

Your Retreat Experience

During your four day stay, Sausha & Jordan will help you on your path to renewing your mind, body and spirit through energy healing, meditation, movement, and nourishing foods. 


Focus on being intensely aware of what you're sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment.


Let go of what is no longer serving you. Step into the highest version of you and be the creator of your life experience. 


Heal your body from the inside out with wholesome foods to feel alive and energized. 


Try new things and explore the area. Be one with nature. Learn to love the journey, not the destination. 


"I was looking for a time to grow and relax without having to stress over normal day activities and responsibilities like being a mom, wife, and business owner.

I loved the whole thing - especially the connections that were made with

the other women there. 

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing experience!

It was truly life changing!!"

 -Marissa R.
Founder of Teacher Haven 

We can't wait to see you in the Black Hills! 

This unique retreat experience will be one you DO NOT want to miss! 









What will these magical days look like?

  • Thursday
    • Arrive at the Retreat (Welcome Bag upon Arrival) 
    • Lunch 
    • Social Hour / Get to know each other 
    • Dinner 
    • Yoga Nidra 
    • Intention Setting 
  • Friday 
    • Morning Mediation & Movement  
    • Breakfast 
    • Personal Development or Energy Healing Workshop 
    • Lunch 
    • Free Time / Hiking / Sauna / Hot tub / etc 
    • Dinner 
    • Energy Healing / Bonfire / Social Hour 
  • Saturday 
    • Morning Mediation & Movement 
    • Breakfast
    • Personal Development or Energy Healing Workshop  
    • Lunch 
    • Free Time / Hiking / Sauna / Hot tub / etc 
    • Dinner 
    • Energy Healing / Bonfire / Social Hour
  • Sunday 
    • Morning Meditation & Movement
    • Breakfast 
    • Free Time & Say Goodbyes 

All meditation and movement will be hosted by our guest, Amanda Rush - Certified Yoga Instructor. 

All meals provided and prepared on-site by your co-host Jordan Wavra - Certified Holistic Nutritionist. 

All Personal / Spiritual Workshops and Energy Healing sessions presented by your hosts Sausha Davis and Jordan Wavra. 


For more information on Sausha's Personal and Progressional Background, click here. 

For more information on Jordan's Personal and Progressional Background, click here. 

For more information on Amanda's Personal and Progressional Background, click here. 

Sausha Davis

“I feel so good about doing this for myself! I created lifelong friendships with some amazing women and learned how to connect with my inner self. It was awesome to disconnect from my crazy life!”

Business Owner

Black Hills Retreat {April 15-18, 2021}

A 4 day Mind, Body, Spirit Awakening 


“What a magnificent human being. Her energy is so inviting! Loved her knowledge and love for nutritional eating. I learned so much!! This experience with Jordan changed my life!!!!”

Parenting Coach



April 15-18, 2021 


Sausha Davis & Jordan Wavra 

Welcome to your 4 day mind, body, spirit awakening.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Do I really have to give up my phone?

Yes. This retreat is device free so you can fully experience all the healing you will receive. Your family will be given my emergency contact information to get ahold of you if needed.

What type of food will there be?

Every meal is prepared in house for you to view and experience the true beauty of holistic nutrition, wholesome foods and how easy eating 'healthy' can really be. We will have plenty of snacks and desserts so you can indulge in food that leaves you feeling energized. 

Will there be alcohol?

No. In order to aid you in your healing experience, we do not provide nor allow the consumption of alcohol during this retreat. You are free to consume alcohol on your own time. :)

Will there be an itinerary?

Yes. We will have a list of activities, meals and adventures planned as a group and also plenty of 'free time' to do as you choose. 

Our Black Hills Retreat will leave you feeling


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All accommodations will be provided for you. All you need to do is SHOW UP and ENJOY yourself during your four day stay in the Black Hills. 

This will be a device free retreat. 

If you have food restrictions or special accommodations, please make note in your Order Form so Sausha & Jordan can get that taken care of for you. 

Rooms/Beds are assigned on First Come, First Served basis. 

Each guest will have their own bed but may have to share rooms. 

No refunds. But we will allow you to exchange your funds for Coaching Services or a future retreat.

If something comes up and you cannot attend, please reach out to Sausha and Jordan ASAP!

Travel to the Black Hills is not included. You will need to provide your own transportation to and from the retreat location. 

You will receive a 'Welcome Bag' upon arrival with special goodies for the four day stay. 

What to pack: comfortable clothes, warm / cool weather clothes (check weather the week of event), swimsuit, athletic wear, outdoor / hiking shoes, jacket, and anything else you may think you need during your stay. 

If you have additional questions, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch! 

Have additional questions? 

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